Beauty Buff : Don’t Sweat Summer Acne

Do you know your skin changes with weather? In summer, sweat adds fuel to the fire. In humid conditions, when your skin is struggling to keep its freshness, sweat mixes with the skin’s natural oil and clogs pores. It chokes your skin, which finds it difficult to breathe. This results in the catastrophe acne.

Is it possible to prevent this?

First, stop washing your face every hour, even though it is greasy and renders a messy look. However, washing your face too many times activates your sebaceous glands that produce more sebum or oil. This trick backfires. Instead, wash your face with a gentle face wash only twice a day. Use an oil-free moisturizer. Apply superior quality makeup that is suitable for the weather.

Before hitting the bed, wipe off every bit of makeup with a gentle cleanser. Apply a night cream to let your skin rejuvenate at night. Skin hygiene is the secret to beautiful skin in hot and humid weather.

If your skin is breaking out, consult a dermatologist immediately before you mar the beauty of your skin. Breakouts can either be due to an underlying medical cause or a case of blocked pores. Sweat traps bacteria and causes those red, swollen pimples. Proper cleansing of the skin, when combined with appropriate acne medication, can help. Often, hormonal imbalances may create acne.

Do not let acne play spoilsport to your summer fun. Keep your skin fresh and clean. Glow with health this season.

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