Beauty Secrets From An 80-Year-Old ‘Goddess’ Of Style

Joyce Carpati, one of the most stylish senior citizens of the New York City, has set a fine example of how to age gracefully and beautifully. Popularly known as the “goddess” of her Manhattan street by her friends, she is a true head-turner. Just look at her and you would forget what aging is.

What is her secret?

  • Sunproofing: She became aware of skin care products well on time and always emphasized on SPFs. She hardly went out in the sun.
  • She never steps outside without looking presentable and thinks that botox and fillers take away a part of the character that makes women beautiful.
  • She never tries hard to look younger. She is what she is.
  • She uses prescription night cream and a non-comedogenic eye makeup.
  • Long pearls and braided hair are her signature look.
  • She eats well.
  • She hates heavy makeup. When you are 80, less is more.

An opera singer, wife, mother, and now a grandmother, Joyce Carpati admires Catherine Deneuve for the way she dressed and the renowned French actress, Danielle Darrieux. She advises women to embrace themselves and highlight their assets, irrespective of their age.

According to this “goddess” of style, it is your attitude that matters. It can make you look fabulous or make you look dowdy. Beauty lies more in how you feel about yourself. Joyce is confident that she can face the world like she did in her 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s. This woman is truly ageless.

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